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Sputnik Chinese: China’s Nuclear Arsenal Shows Record Growth

Well-known Russian news agency Sputnik recently reported on its Chinese Edition site that the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) annual report showed the growth rate of China’s nuclear arsenal ranked among the world’s leaders for the second consecutive year. Within one year, China’s existing nuclear warheads increased by 30, reaching 350. In 2019, China surpassed France (which had 290 nuclear warheads) in this regard, and in 2020 it became the world’s third largest nuclear arsenal country. SIPRI pointed out in its annual report that China is building a nuclear-weapon society, which includes solid-fuel ground-based missiles, six nuclear submarines and bombers equipped with ballistic missiles. These strengthen its ability to respond when threatened. The report also indicated that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has resumed the use of H6N bombers on nuclear weapons and has also developed the first H20 strategic bomber that can refuel in the air and has a flying distance of 8,500 kilometers. The major nuclear powers, Russia and the United States, reduced their arsenals of nuclear warheads last year. Russia reduced its arsenal by120 warheads to 6,255, and the United States reduced its arsenal by 150 warheads to 5550.

Source: Sputnik Chinese, June 15, 2021