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Apple Daily HK: HK Government Is Cracking Down on Apple Daily

Major Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily recently reported that the Hong Kong government is cracking down on this newspaper in the name of the Hong Kong National Security Law. On August 10 of last year, the government arrested Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai Chee-ying and several senior officials of the news group and conducted a large-scale search of the Apple Daily building. On June 17, nearly a year later, it once again arrested five senior members of the company on similar charges. The government mobilized hundreds of policemen in an attempt to create terror again in order to silence Apple Daily before July 1, when the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its anniversary. Currently the newspaper is operating without management. However, the editors decided at midnight to print half-a- million copies for the next day. The newspaper received wide and warm support from Hong Kong local residents and people were lining up at newsstands starting half an hour after midnight to buy Apple Daily. Many businesses are ordering additional copies to give away to customers. Apple Daily online forums are filled with encouragement and promises to buy Apple Daily even if it were just to publish blank pages.

Source: Apple Daily HK, June 17, 2021