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NASA Administrator: Support Permanent Exclusion of China from International Space Station

Global Times recently reported that, on June 23, at a U.S. House of Representatives hearing, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said that he supported the permanent “Wolf Clause” that excludes China from participating in the International Space Station. This means that China will never be allowed to participate in the Space Station’s research. Nelsen testified categorically that “America should be number one” in space technology. He also asked the House Science, Space and Technology Committee for a larger budget in order to produce greater results. In April 2011, on the grounds of so-called “national security,” the U.S. Congress approved the “Wolf Clause,” which banned any joint scientific research activities between China and the United States that were related to NASA or which the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy coordinated. With the recent space achievements China had, the EU and the U.S. started to worry. The European Space Agency (ESA) has already announced its 15 billion Euro new space program. The U.S. Biden administration just rushed a $24.8 billion 2022 NASA budget to Congress. Nelson seems to be familiar with the process of pumping more money into the Trump’s Artemis Program: play the “Watch the Chinese” card.

Source: Global Times, June 25, 2021