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Chinese Communist Party Claimed 95 Million Members But Majority Joined for Personal Interests

The Central Committee Organization Department of the Chinese Communist Party announced that the total number of communist party members has exceeded 95 million while there are 4.864 million grassroots party organizations nationwide. The truth is, however, that anyone who wants to work for the government or as a public official must first join the party. The majority of the people who joined the party did so for their personal interests, not because of their belief in the communist ideology. Many college students who applied for party membership did so while they were still in school.

The statistics show that 23.677 million party members are aged 35 and below, accounting for 24.9 percent of the total number of party members. There are 49.513 million party members with college degrees or above, accounting for 52.0 percent of the total number of party members.

At the same time, the vast majority of criminal cases in China in recent years are related to corruption and bribery. Many of them are high-ranking officials. According to the official reports, from December 2012 to May of this year, the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs filed and investigated 392 officials who were at or above the provincial and ministerial level, 22,000 at the department and bureau level, more than 170,000 at the county department level, and 616,000 at the township department level.

Source: Radio Free Asia, June 30, 2021