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Chinese Communist Party’s Buildup in a Private Manufacturing Company

Baocheng Machinery Group, China’s leading industrial boiler manufacturer, is based in the northern city of Tianjin, with 2,200 employees and capital of 2.1 billion yuan (US$0.32 billion).  
Xinhua recently did a special article on the growth of the Chinese Communist Party organization in this private company as part of the CCP’s ongoing nationwide campaign to promulgate the Party and expand Party organs across the country. As early as 1993, Baocheng established a joint CCP branch within some local branches; 1997 saw the launch of its independent Party branch; in 2000, Baocheng became Tianjin’s first private company to host a Party committee, a higher level organ, as the membership had grown. With 103 CCP members and seven branches, the Party committee, together with the Board of Directors and the management team, is now one of the three pillars of the corporation’s governance. As 90% of the corporate leadership positions and most mid to upper management are CCP members, the Party has been directly involved in major corporate decisions such as strategic planning and important appointments.
Source: Xinhua, January 26, 2011