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Party’s Youth Movements to Launch Loyalty Campaigns across the Nation

Communist Youth League (CYL) is the youth movement run by the Chinese Communist Party for youth between 14 and 28, while Young Pioneers (YP) is for kids under 14. Very few Chinese people grow up without once being a member of either CYL or YP. Recently the national headquarters of both movements issued a notice, requiring all CYL and YP organizations to launch education campaigns with a theme of “studying the Party’s history, getting familiar with the Party, and following the Party’s lead,” as 2011 is the 90’s anniversary of the establishment of CCP. 

Suggested programs are named as “The Party is in My Heart,” “Always Follow the Party’s Lead,” “Dialogue with Faith,” and “Red Scarves Yearn For the Party”. (YP’s are required to wear a red scarf)

Source: Xinhua, March 22, 2011