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CASS Professor: Marxism Is the Banner of the Chinese Communist Party

Chen Enfu, director and professor of the Marxist Institute at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), said in an interview that any political party should have goals and principles, also called the “banner” of the party. The banner of the Chinese Communist Party is Marxism. He explained that, from the ideological perspective, Marxism is a scientific system of belief; it is the core value of one’s life. In present-day China, only by adhering to Marxism as the guide can one correctly solve the problem of how to pass down and reform Chinese values, promote the development of the socialist core values, and effectively resist the influence and invasion of wrongheaded theories and ideologies. If (we) neglect or give up Marxism as the only guide, the mainstream ideology of the Western ruling class will break in, influence China’s main ideology, and interfere with the development of socialist core values. Chen also said that the current financial crisis in the Western countries was evidence of the attractiveness and value of Marxism and, at the same time, the bankruptcy of Western neo-liberalism.

Source: Qiushi, March 31, 2011