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Huanqiu: Who Is Seriously Breaching the Spirit of the Law?

Huanqiu recently published a provoking  article in response to Western countries’ criticism of China’s arrest of artist Ai Weiwei. The article said that Western media are “using their own logic to interpret (the facts) and try to influence China.” “It is precisely their (the West’s) approach that breaches the basic spirit of the law in a serious confrontation, and that tries to portray (Ai as) a legally ‘sacred and inviolable’ ‘democracy fighter.’”
“Since the ‘Middle East revolution,’ the U.S. and European countries haven’t been able to put a brake on pointing fingers and interfering in other countries’ internal affairs.” “The interference in Ai Weiwei’s case is a total negation of China’s law. It is no different from a group of Westerners assembling to burn down China’s supreme court building.” “Chinese law is the skeleton of this country; the Western attempt to influence the trial of Ai Weiwei is like installing a remote control for the skeleton. With the control in their hands, they are making China a large and obedient puppet.”

[Ed: Ai Weiwei,a well known Chinese artist, designed the Olympic’s Bird’s Nest stadium and has also focused on government corruption, especially in the construction of schools that collapsed during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The police recently arrested him and charged him with "economic crimes."]

Source: Huanqiu, April 8, 2011