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Local Chinese Block Western Journalist from Reporting on Zhengzhou

In flood-stricken Zhengzhou City in central China, not only local Chinese journalists, but foreign reporters, including  those from Taiwan and Hong Kong, have been covering the story. However, a Twitter video shows that some “patriotic people” in the city have been interfering with the reporting of a Western journalist.

These people surrounded the journalist and accused the journalist of “demonizing China” and of “selective reporting.” They even demanded to see the footage.

At the same time, according to online information, the number of missing people in Henan province has reached 130. Their friends and relatives have posted photos of the missing and described their appearance and body features. Most of the missing are residents of Zhengzhou.

The military has now taken over the Jingguang Road Tunnel, where hundreds of cars were trapped in the flood. People are prohibited from approaching the site and also from taking photos. Those who sought to find the whereabouts of their loved ones who were supposedly trapped in the tunnel have also been held back.

Although the official figure is that only four people were killed in the tunnel, netizens have widely questioned the number. Cyber authorities have deleted some of the online posts that questioned the number.

Source: Twitter, July 25, 2021

Radio Free Asia, July 25, 2021