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Potential Loopholes in Health Code Management in Nanjing

The city of Nanjing in eastern China has virtually been sealed off and residents advised to stay indoors after 31 new Covid-19 cases were reported on Tuesday, pushing the total number of coronavirus infections up to a claimed total of 112 in the ongoing outbreak. The Local government has used a color-based health code systems to control people’s movements and curb the spread of the coronavirus.

People with yellow health code are required to be isolated for 14 days and do three Covid-19 tests within a week. If the test results are negative, the health code will be switched to a green color and restrictive measures will be lifted.

On July 24, a pregnant woman accidentally discovered that her health code had turned yellow for no apparent reason. As a result, she was unable to have a maternity checkup or visit a doctor. The topic was then widely discussed on social media platforms.

Many people in Nanjing expressed on social media that they had never approached the vicinity of Nanjing Lukou International Airport, where the outbreak occurred, but their health codes changed from green to yellow overnight. The codes of students at Southeast University in downtown Nanjing also turned yellow, although many of them had not stepped outside the campus for quite some time. At the same time, some people reported that within a few days, their health code changed from green to yellow and then from yellow to green.

In addition to the unexplained color changes, the personnel management of those with the yellow code also has problems. Many yellow-coded personnel said they were not notified of isolation or Covid-19 testing.

Source: Central News Agency, July 28, 2021