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Media Campaign Initiated to Glorify Chinese Communist Party on Its 90th Anniversary

Liu Yunshan, a Politburo member and head of the Party’s Propaganda Department, spoke at a working conference in connection with the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party, “[We] should vigorously sing the  praises of the Communist Party, socialism, open reform, the great motherland, and all nationalities. … [We] should interface with international communities and widely introduce them to the extraordinary history of how our Party has led the people through the revolution, development, and reform, and explain to them the core values of our Party as the ruling party to serve the public and the people so that the world better understands China and the Chinese Communist Party.” 

At the conference, Liu also gave instructions on the roles and tasks of the central and local Party newspapers, radio, TV stations, metropolitan newspapers, and online media.

Source: People’s Daily, April 23, 2011