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Huanqiu: Be Alert to the U.S. Use of Its Hegemony to Reduce Debt

China Review News republished an article from Huanqiu warning that the U.S. is trying to use its dominant military power to reduce its debt. The article argued that the U.S. faces two issues: the crisis of the national debt and its over expanded military power. The U.S. is losing its political and economic dominance over the world. The only thing it has is the absolute advantage of its military. The U.S. is actually bankrupt in its fiscal budget. Its foreign policy’s mission is to attract U.S. dollar assets back to the U.S. to help it reduce the debt crisis. That means depriving other nations of wealth. The U.S. might also use its military power to achieve that goal.

Source: China Review News, August 31, 2010