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Global Times Editorial: The United States Builds a “Western Wall”; China Should Try to Tear it Down

China’s state-run media published an editorial describing how to break the alliances between the U.S. and other Western countries. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“The U.S. has been instigating controversies together with its key allies over areas such as human rights. Recently, Washington has been pushing WHO to conduct political traceability investigations as a focal point to attack China. Its allies remain as Its main support. At the heart of this circle are the U.S., Europe and Australia, plus Japan, which are often referred to as the “West.” Recently, the Chinese have constantly been using the new term ‘U.S.-West.’

“The United States is trying hard to turn the conflict with China into a conflict between the West and China and the Biden administration is particularly dedicated to this goal.

“The United States strives to take the ideological conflict as a starting point and turn its conflict with China into a struggle between the West and China.

“However, this strategy of the United States has a fatal weakness. That is, it promotes the polarized opposition between China and the West. It goes against the tide of globalization and requires Western countries to sacrifice their own development opportunities and their substantial actual interests.

“This gives China an important opportunity to break the united front between the United States and the West. It is entirely possible for China to use a series of efforts to weaken the consensus on the attitudes of the United States and the West toward China substantially and to turn a large part of the Sino-Western conflicts that the United States hopes to create into contradictions between the United States and other Western countries.

“For this reason, China should first adopt different policies toward the United States and its allies and, at the same time, adopt different policies towards the “Five Eyes Alliance” countries and other Western countries. In the past, China paid more attention to maintaining Sino-US relations. In the future, we should use more resources in this area to deal with European countries and to achieve a directional change in diplomatic strategy.

“We must try to minimize the “China-West conflict” and talk more about the ‘China-U.S. conflict.’ …

“Constantly expanding the scale of Sino-Western economic cooperation is the key. In the past, the United States was the first priority for cooperation. In the future, more attention will go to upgrading the cooperation with Western countries other than the United States. We can now be fully confident that general ideological conflicts cannot stop European countries such as Germany and France from continuing to cooperate with China because the interests involved are too great for those European countries. We must continue to increase the attractiveness of the Chinese market to Western countries, and must not let it stagnate or even shrink.

“China needs to strengthen its efforts to work on the developing countries and continuously increase its bargaining chips in dealing with the West. As China’s national power continues to increase, our ability to do so will also increase. China should unite Russia and the vast number of developing countries to find appropriate opportunities and issues to crush the U.S.’s prestige. That way, most Western countries will see that the United States is not ‘omnipotent’ and ‘permanent.’

“For example, at the (U.N.) Human Rights Council, China has repeatedly defeated anti-China bills that the U.S.-West initiated. It did so  by uniting the developing countries. In the future, we should try to make some proactive attacks and jointly strike the United States to give it a blow in the field of human rights.”

Source: Global Times, August 3, 2021