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Lawyers Organized to Effectuate the Party’s Rule of Law

A government sponsored lawyer’s group has been established to “assist” lawyers without licenses in counties and cities. The Party’s United Front Work Department and the Ministry of Justice are sponsoring the "One Heart Legal Services Group,” which consists of 48 lawyers who are not Party members. According to Chen Xiqing, Deputy Chief of the United Front Work Department, establishing of the group is “an important measure to effectuate the rule of law, protect the less developed regions, and share the results of civilized society under the rule of law; to better "work the masses" under the new situation and maintain social harmony and stability; to build up the brand name of ‘one heart’ for the Party’s United Front Work Department and strengthen its political foundation; and to deepen the United Front Work on persons who have newly joined China’s social elite, and strengthen the importance of training and educating non-Party representatives.” 

[Editor: The Party’s United Front Work Department is a CCP agency to “unite” nongovernment groups and individuals so that they will carry out the Party’s agenda.]

Source: Xinhua, May 30, 2011