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Cultural Exportation” as a Means to Ensure Cultural Security

In an article originally appearing in Chinese Social Science Today, a publication of the state think tank, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the author, a former National People’s Congress standing committee member, proposed “cultural exportation" as a means to ensure cultural security. “In the past, people often paid attention to the influence that foreign cultures had on our cultural security in the process of ‘cultural importation,’ while overlooking the effect of ‘cultural exportation.’ Actually, the strategy of international promotion of our culture is not only a cultural strategy, but also a political strategy and an important initiative for China to vie for its voice in an era of globalization.” “It … also includes intangible culture values. The latter is … how to spread and unfold the mainstream culture values of today’s China, namely our socialist core value system and corresponding cultural, artistic, and social science products.” 

Reprinted on the Chinese Communist Party’s central committee’s Qiushi journal, the article adds, “To increase cultural soft power, … (we must) fully utilize the roles of civil and social organizations, and fully utilize the Internet, TV, and other new venues to spread our culture and values, as part of national strategic planning.”

Source, Qiushi, May, 2011