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China Closes China-Foreign Education Institutions and Programs

On August 14, China’s Ministry of Education approved the termination of 286 China-foreign cooperative education institutions and programs at the undergraduate level and above.

The list includes the London Metropolitan University, New York University, and other well-known universities that have been cooperating with China in running schools. The majority of the closed projects involve disciplines of engineering, economics, language, art, and the social sciences. These include undergraduate education programs in information engineering, automation, and other areas that were jointly organized by the Harbin University of Science and Technology;  the London Metropolitan University; and master’s degree programs in China Social Service Management jointly organized by the East China University of Science and Technology, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and others.

Late last month, China published a plethora of regulations in a sweeping overhaul that bans companies that teach the school curriculum from making a profit, raising capital, or going public.

Companies that teach school subjects can no longer accept foreign investments.  In addition, publicly listed firms will no longer be allowed to raise capital in any stock markets to invest in businesses that teach classroom subjects. Outright acquisitions are now off-limits.  Vacation and weekend tutoring related to the school syllabus are also forbidden.

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