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Global Times Editorial: Lessons the Taiwan Authorities Need to Learn from Afghanistan

China’s state-run media, Global Times, published an editorial warning Taiwan that today’s Afghanistan may be tomorrow’s Taiwan. The article stated that, “The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan led to the rapid collapse of the Kabul regime. The U.S. used helicopters to transport diplomats to the airport to flee Kabul while Taliban soldiers poured into the presidential palace. This scene left a deep impression on the world and gave a critical hit to the credibility and reliability of the United States.”

The article said, “Some parts of Asia have felt the hit of the U.S. abandoning the Kabul regime particularly hard, with Taiwan being the first to bear the brunt. Taiwan is undoubtedly the region in Asia that is most heavily dependent on the United States for protection. The DPP authorities have exacerbated this aberrant line of dependence. After the United States abandoned Afghanistan, the situation suddenly turned upside down. The United States left the country alone and only cared about its own withdrawal. Is this some kind of harbinger of Taiwan’s future destiny?”

The article warned: “Once a war breaks out across the strait and the mainland forcefully seizes the island of Taiwan, the United States will have to have much more determination to implement military intervention in Taiwan than it did to to persist in Afghanistan and northern Syria, and not to abandon South Vietnam in 1975.”

“The DPP authorities need to stay awake with their last bit of brain power, and all kinds of the “Taiwan independence” forces that are still dreaming need to be able to wake up. They should understand from the Afghan incident that once a full-scale war breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, the resistance of the Taiwan military will collapse in the span of hours. The aid of the U.S. military will not come. The DPP authorities will soon surrender, and some high-ranking officials may escape by plane. Such a situation will be a sure thing.”

Source: Global Times, August 16, 2021