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Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China Continues to Tighten-Up Control of Internet-Related Companies

According to China Economic Net, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China is continuing its efforts to clean up and rectify private tech companies. MIIT announced that 43 APPs still have problems of rectification not being thorough, using technical means to counter rectification, and the same problem not being rectified consistently in different regions.

China Economic Network reporters found that many mainstream apps such as WeChat, Aichiyi, Ctrip, have an issue of where to go are on the list. Among them, tech company Tencent alone has four apps involved – Tencent video, enterprise WeChat, Tencent map and WeChat. The problems of 43 APPS are still in “violation of illegal use of call contacts and geographical location permissions,” “harassing users with open screen pop-ups,” and other persistent APP violations. MIIT demanded that rectification of the APPs listed be completed by August 25.

Source: China Economic Net, August 18, 2021