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Taliban Hopes China Will Contribute to the Reconstruction of Afghanistan

Popular Hong Kong new online media HK01 Network recently reported that, on August 19th, China Global Television Network (CGTN) of China Central Radio and Television, interviewed Suhail Shaheen, spokesperson for the Taliban in Afghanistan. When talking about rebuilding and maintaining peace in Afghanistan, Shaheen expressed the hope that, in the future, China can contribute to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Shaheen mentioned that members of the Taliban have visited China many times and China has played a constructive role during the process of promoting peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. Shaheen said that China appointed a special envoy to Afghanistan earlier, and the two parties kept in touch. Now, China has appointed a new special envoy to Afghanistan, and the connection remains. Recently, the Taliban delegation met with the new special envoy. The Taliban hopes that China will continue its contribution to the future of Afghanistan. “The Afghan people look forward to it,” he said. Shaheen also explained that, according to the current structure of the Taliban, Afghanistan will set up a governing committee in the future, and the new head of the government may be the leader of the Taliban.

Source: HK01, August 20, 2021