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Chinese Media Asked to Write for the Party and People

Liu Binjie, Director of the General Administration of Press and Publications, the government body that oversees the media in China, said that reporters should follow the tradition of red journalists of older generations and write to record history for the Party and for the people. Liu complimented the current generation of reporters, saying they “have played an important role in guiding and building the core socialist value system, and greatly expanded the international influence of Chinese culture.” Liu emphasized that reporters should “be steadfast in ideals and faith, and be loyal to the Party’s course of journalism.” At the same time, Liu added, “Although the Party and the State protect all interview activities of news reporters, and have stressed that no organization or individual shall interfere with or obstruct the right of news agencies and reporters to interview, there are always some people and organizations who, under various pretexts, meddle with the normal activities of news organizations, and even collude with evil forces.” Liu made the remarks at the release of a book titled “China’s Red Reporters.”

Source: China News Service, June 27, 2011