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Hong Kong Seeks to Amend Film Censorship Bill

The Hong Kong government recently announced that it has submitted an amendment of the 2021 Film Censorship Bill to the Legislative Council. The amendment contains requirements for the film inspectors to determine whether the release of films they inspect will be detrimental to national security. It also empowers the Chief Secretary of Administration to revoke any previously issued approval if the inspectors believe that the release of certain films violates national security.

One senior Hong Kong director who wants to remain anonymous told the Central News Agency that it takes more than just a director to make a film. When they assessed whether to make a film in the past, they mainly focused on the box office revenue and audience reaction. Now, however, from the directors to the production companies, they must consider political issues too. Politics will be above everything, including the original creation and any business concerns. It is also hard to figure out where the red line is, that is, whether it violates national security.

Source: Central News Agency, August 29, 2021