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Study Times: How to Increase Cultural Power

Study Times, a publication of the Central Party School, published an article on the importance of cultural power. The article suggested that (China) should increase cultural power in six different ways. 1) Enhance the cultural education of children and adolescents, using culture to shape their value system. 2) Integrate and consolidate cultures of different ethnic groups and establish a core national value system. 3) Learn from the West’s creativity. 4) Advance the study of philosophy and other branches of the social sciences. 5) Increase investment in cultural industries. 6) Strengthen cultural exportation. 

To back up the last point, the article explained that “military and economic power will no longer be the major parameters to evaluate national strength. In the 21st century, the control of culture will be the focus of power struggles. If a country’s cultural and value systems are attractive, other countries will move towards it. If a country takes the lead in global cultural development, it will occupy an advantageous position in future development. If a country’s values (ideologies) can dictate the international political order, it will inevitably be the leader of international society.”
Source: Study Times, July 4, 2011