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In 2020, China’s Economic Espionage Cases Were Seven Times What They Were Five Years Ago

On August 30, Dong Jingwei, China’s Vice Minister of State Security (MSS), said that the number of espionage cases in the economic and financial sectors in 2020 were seven times what they were five years ago. At the same time, the MSS has “strengthened work in non-traditional areas such as bio-security, network security, and data security, and has achieved rich results.”

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission held a press conference on August 30. Dong, who was once rumored to have defected and fled the country, made his public appearance and made the above statement in response to media questions.

Dong Jingwei said that the national security organs “organized and mobilized the whole society to fight the anti-espionage war.”

Dong mentioned that MSS has achieved comprehensive coverage of the National Security People’s Defense Line. After the activation of the national security reporting platform in 2018, the number of tips submitted by the public has continued to increase, reaching a total of more than 11,000. MSS has launched investigations based on many of the submissions.

Source: Central News Agency, August 30, 2021