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Beijing Passed a “Maritime Traffic Safety Law,” Regulating Submarines and Nuclear Ships

In April, Beijing passed the “Maritime Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and started enforcing it on September 1.  According to the law, five types of foreign ships entering China’s territorial waters need to report to China’s Maritime Administration, including: submarines; nuclear-powered ships; ships carrying radioactive substances; ships carrying toxic and harmful substances such as oil, chemicals and liquefied gases in bulk; and other ships that may endanger the safety of China’s maritime traffic as stipulated by laws, administrative regulations or the State Council.

Beijing has taken several coral reef islands in the South China Sea and built them into permanent islands, thus expanding its claim to territorial water deep into South China Sea. Observers pointed out that the first two items in its must-report list – submarines and nuclear-powered ships – are likely to refer to U.S. naval ships.

Source: United Daily News, August 30, 2021