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China Criticizes Vatican for Excommunicating Bishops

After the Vatican rejected the ordination of Chinese Bishops Rev. Lei Shiyin and Rev. Huang Bingzhang as illegitimate and excommunicated them, China’s State Administration of Religious Affairs issued a statement. It said, “The Vatican’s threats of ‘excommunication’ of the two bishops who were ordained without papal approval was unreasonable and rude; it has severely hurt the feelings of Chinese Catholics and made the members feel sad. We are greatly concerned about the matter.” 

“In the 1950’s, Chinese Catholics suffered from the Vatican’s threats of ‘excommunication,’ which was a great historic trauma for the members.” “History has proven that the Chinese Catholic Church will not be at a standstill because of threats from the Vatican," the statement said. “The majority of priests and believers will more resolutely choose the path of independently selecting and ordaining its bishops. We will also give support and encouragement as always.”
Source: Xinhua, July 25, 2011