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Global Times: In the Battle for Public Opinion, (China) Must Take Firm Control of Communication Network

China’s state media Global Times published an opinion article commenting on how China should win the discourse rights and change the current trend of China’s weak position in international public opinion.

The article stated that “Behind the battle of international discourse rights for public opinion is the battle for the global communication network.”

The article continued, “The ownership of the global communication network is the crisis of politics, news media and ideology. Although the focus of the United States on the current global strategic confrontation is gradually shifting to China, its main work on cyber-public opinion warfare is still to deploy globally and fight on multiple fronts. At the same time, the global data infrastructure is undergoing a new round of periodic turnover. In the global public opinion field, China still has opportunities.”

The article proposed that, “In the future, China’s main countermeasures in participating and leading the global communication network may include the following three aspects. 1). In the current era, the world data center is no less (in importance) than the world shipping center and the financial center were in the past. According to its Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, China should further strengthen the 5G network. It should further enhance the construction of the 5G network, data centers and the new generation of infrastructures, including the communication network, emerging information technology, and the computing power hub. 2). China should systematically study the experience of the cultural order’s changes during the rise of the Western powers and the deep logic of the global communication network; it should construct a strategic toolbox and a strategic research subjects group, realize awareness of real-time trends of the global public opinion field, and provide advice on agile decision-making. 3). On the basis of the dual-cycle (domestic and exporting) format of China’s economy, we should build strategic core nodes of supply of culture and promote the re-balancing of the global media and cultural order.”

Source: Global Times, august 17, 2021