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The Party’s Leadership Achieves Full Coverage over the Legal Profession in Shanghai

By the end of June 2011, the Chinese Communist Party achieved complete control of the legal profession in Shanghai. According to Sheng Leiming, President of the Shanghai Bar Association, a total of 451 Party branches (381 Independent Party branches and 70 joint Party branches) had been established, along with monitoring of all of the law firms (1090 firms) in Shanghai. In addition, there are 4 general Party branches and 1 Party committee in charge of all of the 451 branches in the law firms. As for those law firms where there are no Party members, political instructors (Party liaisons) are assigned there to monitor the work.

The Shanghai Bar Association has a complete reporting system with rules and procedures, and consults the Party on any important matter.

Source: People’s Daily, July 13, 2011