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Guangming Daily: What Is the West Afraid of by Warning Africa not to Learn from China?

Guangming Daily published an article expressing the Chinese Communist government’s discontent with British Prime Minister David Cameron’s comments on China during his visit to Africa. The article said, “British Prime Minister Cameron visited Africa recently for the first time since he took office. Although his schedule was cut short due to the News of the World phone hacking scandal, Cameron didn’t forget to find time in Nigeria to give the Africans a lecture on Western democracy and free trade. At the same time, (he) specifically warned the African countries not to learn from China’s development model, which is ‘autocratic capitalism;’ (and that) only a ‘free society’ will bring Africa ‘sustainable stability and development.’ What he meant was that the Western system is the only choice for Africa.”

“Attacking China and Sino-African relations is not a manifestation of Western confidence. On the contrary, it is proof that they lack confidence. They deliberately belittle China in front of Africans. (Their purpose) is to maintain their control and monopoly over Africa in ideology, politics, the economy, and culture, and to kill Africa’s self-awareness and independent development. From this perspective, Cameron—the new generation prime minister of the self-claimed ‘out of the shadow of colonialsm’ and ‘not imposing Western beliefs on Africa,’ is no different from his predecessors. What they have done is truly ‘autocratic capitalism.’”

Source: Guangming Daily,July 28, 2011