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Young Journalists Swear Loyalty Oath to the Party

On August 4, one hundred young journalists from 18 official news media agencies including People’s Daily, Xinhua, PLA Daily, Qiushi, Guangming Daily, and Economic Daily went to Qingliang Mountain in Yan‘an, the birthplace of the media center of the Communist Party. From 1935 to 1948, Yan‘an served as the revolutionary base for the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

They visited the Yan’an Media Memorial Hall and participated in a ceremony where they took an oath to “carry on the party’s media work tradition … and strive to be a media worker who will let the party be worry-free." Following the oath swearing ceremony, the group was divided into ten teams and went to stay with the villagers in Wuqi and Yanchang villages of Yan’an in order to experience the villagers’ life and “increase their sense responsibility as news reporters.”

Source: Chinese Communist Party News Website, August 4, 2011