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China’s Ministry of Agriculture: The Best Practices in the Party’s Ideological Work on Farmers

Red Flag Manuscript published a research paper from China’s Ministry of Agriculture that discussed the best practices in the Party’s ideological and political work in the countryside. The article stated that the victories that the Party achieved in the past were the result of taking resolving agricultural and farmers’ issues as the number one priority, adopting and implementing agricultural policies, and targeting the hearts of farmers in the Party’s ideological and political work, all of which won the support of the vast majority of farmers. The practices that have proved best include 1) always consider the farmers’ issues as the most important; 2) always tie the core task of the Party with the ideological work on farmers; 3) always treat the resolution of land problems as the foundation of the Party’s work on farmers’ issues; 4) implement the Party’s agricultural policies along with its ideological and political work.

Source: Red Flag Manuscript reprinted by Qiushi, August 10, 2011