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China Stepped up Control of Web Contents

China has been strengthening its overall supervision of cyberspace. On September 15, the Cyber Administration of China (CAC), the country’s top cyber regulator, released the “Opinions on Further Clarifying the Responsibilities of the Online Platform Operators in terms of Information Content.”

The CAC pointed out that the main purpose of releasing the “Opinions” was to focus on different indications of web chaos, and “to ensure that the online platform always adheres to the correct political direction, public opinion guidance and value orientation.”

The “Opinions” gives ten key tasks, including setting up online community rules, the preparation of lists and directories of illegal and unhealthy conduct, the establishment of user credit records and evaluation systems, and the maintenance of records on users’ violations.

The “Opinions” requires the online platforms to improve the content approval mechanism, implement the chief-editor’s responsible system, further expand the scope of manual audits, and establish a dynamic updating mechanism for the database of illegal activities.

Source: Cyber Administration of China, September 15, 2021