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Study Times: Strengthen Party’s Presence in Social Organizations

A Study Times article has recommended that the Party solidify its political base in social organizations. “As of 2010, there were about 440,000 social organizations registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Additionally, the records show that there are more than 200,000 social organizations in communities and over 40,000 trade associations in rural areas.” “[We] should more actively lead and promote the development of social organizations and make the social organizations an important force supporting the Party’s rule. … Where there are people, there is the Party’s work. Where there are Party members, there should be Party organizations.” With three Party members, there should be a Party branch. Those organizations that do not have sufficient Party members should be combined with other organizations and establish a joint Party branch. If there is no Party member, the Party should engage in Party building through assigning political instructors, setting up liaison offices, or using the apparatus of trade unions.

Source: Study Times, August 29, 2011