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Study Times: An Internet Age with Information Openness and Public Participation

Study Times, the CCP Central Party School’s newspaper, recently published an article on the relationship between government, organizations, and individuals. The article established a model for society in the information age. Instead of the traditional hierarchical social structure, today’s Internet based society is a mesh of nodes, which represent organizations and individuals. The difference in each node’s acceptance of the level of technology has caused society to have an “out-of-sync” situation. The author called this the “digital gap.” In the “mesh world,” the nodes that adjust faster and connect to more other nodes will be the ones having more influence. The article suggested the government should reform itself to become the “core node,” which would replace its current “top of the pyramid” role in the hierarchical model. In addition to employing new technology, the government should introduce and encourage openness and public participation to enhance the government’s power to influence.

Source: Study Times, August 29, 2011