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The Party Must Guard against Western Enemy Forces

An article in Qiushi Theory published on September 17, 2011, discussed a seminar that the Organization Department of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and the National Party Construction Research Center held prior to July 1, 2011, to memorialize the Party’s 90th anniversary. The seminar included a review of Xi Jinping and Li Yuanchao’s latest speeches. It also covered the following four major topics: the Party’s major achievements and lessons learned over the past 90 years; Party development in the new environment; ways to improve the Party’s scientific development; and experiences and lessons learned from the ruling parties of overseas countries.

The seminar addressed a lesson learned from the collapse of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries: that economic and political reforms should be adjusted according to a nation’s internal affairs and cannot blindly follow in another country’s footsteps. The seminar also emphasized that lessons can be learned from the recent political crises in the mid-East and north African countries, and concluded, “We should be on guard against the propaganda from the Western enemy forces when dealing with ‘Color Revolutions’ and must firmly resist different forms of interference.” 

Source: Qiushi Theory, September 17, 2011