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Qiushi: Why the Chinese Style Socialist System Is Better Than the Western Capitalist System

Qiushi Theory carried an article originally from Beijing Daily that laid out the drawbacks of the capitalist system while listing the positive features of the Chinese style socialist system. It concluded that the socialist system has a stronger vitality and demonstrates significant advantages to the world.”

The article suggested that the capitalist’s over-protect their capitalist interests, private and personal interests result in an over emphasis on the free market, the multi-party system of administration, and personal values. It attributed the economic crisis around the world to “the greed of capital and its lack of control.” It also faulted the capital system because the protection of personal interests results in a lack of ability to bring about a common agreement. “When it comes to making key social, political and economic decisions, capitalism lacks centralized power.” Lastly, according to the article, the capitalist system lacks a long term strategy and consistent growth.

As to the advantages of the Chinese style socialist system, the article noted first that “the common goal is to get rich together.” The various social classes are the consistent driving force for the nation’s development power. Second, the system carries “incomparable advantages in social mobilization and resource collection because Chinese style capitalism adheres to democratic centralism.” Third, the system is reliable and stable with long term goals. Fourth, the system is based on the clear understanding of each developmental stage and is constantly undergoing social reform.

Source: Qiushi Theory September 16, 2011