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Qiushi: China’s Political System is Superior to Capitalist Democracy

Qiushi published an article that compared China’s political system with the capitalist system and proclaimed that China’s political system is far superior to capitalist democracy. According to the article, the capitalist democratic system has three major defects: money is in charge, as it is the capitalists who control the power; politics is driven by vested interest groups because the checks and balances system creates multi-centered and multi-layered decision mechanisms leading to short-term policies and conflicts between vested interest groups and the national interest; and the enormous amount of money that must be raised in connection with elections leads to political corruption. On the other hand, China’s socialist democracy is superior as it is conducive to 1) policies that benefit the entire nation because the Communist Party is the political representative of all the people; 2) a balance between the interests of various social groups through the use of the law and policies; and 3) political and social stability.

Source: Qiushi, September 27, 2011