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Zhou Yongkang: Adhering to the Party’s Leadership over Prosecution Work

In a recent meeting, Zhou Yongkang, a Politburo Standing Committee member and secretary of the Chinese Communist Party’s Committee on Political and Legislative Affairs, stressed the importance of adhering to the Party’s leadership over the work of prosecution and investigation. 

Zhou said, “The most fundamental thing is to unswervingly adhere to and develop the socialist prosecution system with Chinese characteristics. First, we must always adhere to a correct political direction. … (We should) adhere to the Party’s leadership over the work of prosecution and investigation, unswervingly taking the path of political development and rule of law development in socialism with Chinese characteristics. Second, we must always adhere to law enforcement for the people. Third, we must always adhere to the prosecution’s constitutional position.” 
He stressed that the prosecutory organs must continue to study and implement Secretary Hu Jintao’s "7.1" speech as their current and future primary political task in order to ensure that all prosecutory personnel maintain a high degree of unity in thought and action with Comrade Hu Jintao as the general secretary of the Party Central Committee.
Source: Xinhua, September 23, 2011