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Qiushi Special Topic: Western Countries and Modern Warfare

Qiushi, a Journal of the CCP Central Committee, published an article on a special topic, “Western Countries and Modern Warfare.” Below is Qiushi’s introduction to the topic:

“After the end of the cold war, the world did not win peace. On the contrary, since then many wars have been fought, killing many lives. …  Western countries led by the U.S. were involved in every war. All of the wars targeted weak countries, unable to defend themselves. Why are Western countries so fond of getting involved in and creating modern wars? What do they obtain from these wars? What on earth are the social factors behind these wars?”

“By analyzing these question, the current special topic elucidates the relationship between Western countries and modern wars. From these solid materials, we can see that Western countries have two faces. They are not what they appear to be and use a double standard to treat themselves and others differently. (We) can see their essence of being for their interests only; they bully the weak and fear the strong; they fear not creating enough chaos around the world. The Western countries label themselves as standing for the universal values of democracy, freedom, human rights, and so on, so as to use them as a banner and slogan to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs. If we understand the main factors behind the Western countries’ politics, the practical implications will enable us to handle world issues profoundly and accurately; to play a masterful role in the international community; and to protect our national sovereignty effectively and with dignity. This is our purpose in publishing an article on this special topic.”

Source: Qiushi, September 21, 2011