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Qiushi Theory Launches English Web Edition

On October 1, 2011, the website of Qiushi Theory launched its English edition at The selections at the new site include news, leaders, politics, economics, culture, science and education, law, society, Party information, and letters to the editor.

According to Qiushi Theory, the mission of the English site is to “carry out the ‘Going Global’ strategy of central government media. It will further enable the publications of the Party’s central organs to improve their influence by timely and effectively broadcasting China’s voice to the world.” “In addition, it will carry political news and important articles from other key government news websites. Qiushi Theory English edition provides a new channel to enable international society to gain accurate and in-depth understanding of the ruling ideology, decision making, and development path of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government.”

Source: Qiushi Theory, September 30, 2011