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China to Ban Private Capital in the News Business

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently announced a draft “Negative List” for a Market Access List (2021 Version), and invited public comments. The draft stated that non-state capital is prohibited from carrying out news and media-related businesses, and from introducing news published by “overseas entities.”

The draft stated that non-state capital shall not engage in the news gathering, editing and broadcasting business, shall not invest in the establishment and operation of news organizations, including but not limited to news agencies, newspaper publishing units, radio and television broadcasters, radio and television stations, as well as online news information gathering and publishing services.

Non-state capital is also not allowed to operate pages, frequencies, channels, columns, or public accounts for news agencies; it shall not engage in the live broadcast business in the areas of political, economic, military, diplomatic, social, cultural, science and technology, health, education, sports and other activities related to the political direction, public opinion guidance and ideologies.

In addition, the draft points out that non-state capital is also not allowed to introduce news published by foreign entities and it cannot hold forums, summits, and awards ceremonies in the field of news media and any public opinion related business.

Source: Central News Agency, October 9, 2021