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Development and Reform Commission: Private Capital Shall not Engage in News Gathering, Editing and Broadcasting Business!

According to the website of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission publicly solicited opinions on the “Market Access Negative List (2021 Edition)” on the 8th of October. The draft mentions that it is forbidden to conduct news and media-related businesses in violation of regulations.

1. Private capital shall not engage in the news gathering, editing and broadcasting business.

2. Private capital shall not invest in the establishment and operation of news organizations, including but not limited to news agencies, newspaper publishing companies, radio and television broadcasting organizations, radio and television stations, and Internet news information collection, editing and publishing service organizations.

3. Private capital shall not operate the layout, news frequency, news channel, column, or public accounts owned by news organizations.

4. Private capital shall not engage in live broadcast services of activities and events involving politics, the economy, the military, diplomacy, major society, culture, science and technology, health, education, sports, and other related political directions, public opinion orientations, and value orientations.

5. Private capital shall not introduce news released by overseas entities.

6. Private capital shall not hold forums or summits and award selection activities in the field of news and public opinion.

Source: Xinhua, October 9, 2021

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