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“Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is the Choice of History”

After Hu Jintao’s July 1 speech, all Party organs were required to study and digest the messages that were conveyed. On October 8, Xinhua published the first article in a series that summarized the collected feedback that resulted from those studies. Below are the subtitles of each section:

1) Only socialism can save China: Hu’s speech highlighted the path that the Party has walked over the past 90 years. The truth is that there is no other ideology that can save China other than the socialist ideology.
2) Only socialism with Chinese characteristics can help China to develop and prosper: the economic achievements in the past 30 years of the "reform and opening-up" policy were due solely to the fact that the Party took the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
3) Firmly walk our own path: if we deviate from the path which has proven to be the only choice, or if we dream of adopting any other form of ideology or formality, it is doomed to have no hope and no future and to be meaningless.

Source: Xinhua, October 8, 2011