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Apple Removed the Quran and Bible Related Apps from Its AppStore

Shanghai-based Chinese business news site FX168 recently reported that Apple officially confirmed the removal of two apps from its AppStore, namely, “Quran Majeed” and “Olive Tree.” These two apps carry original religious books and related information. Apple explained that the removal was based on a request from the Chinese government. Critics argue that in some countries, many regulations that focus on “respecting” local rules are equivalent to censorship and Apple is too eager to comply. Apple argues that its first priority is to follow the laws of the countries in which it operates, regardless of whether it agrees with these regulations. The Quran Majeed app is still available on AppStores and Google Play in other countries. As one of the most popular religious apps in China, Quran Majeed has approximately 35 million users worldwide. Its Pakistani developer is in contact with the Chinese authorities to see if the situation can be resolved. The developer of the Bible app Olive Tree did not respond immediately to inquiries. China is one of Apple’s largest markets.

Source: FX168, October 15, 2021