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China to Focus on Cultural System Reform

The focus of the Sixth Plenary Session of 17th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, held from October 15 to 18, was on “cultural system reform and promoting the prosperity of socialist cultural development." This is the first time that the Chinese Communist Party has used “culture” as the focus of a plenary session since the 17th Plenary Session in 2007.

Party Chairman Hu Jintao spoke on July 1, during the 90th anniversary of Chinese Communist Party, emphasizing “the need to speed up the reform of the cultural system, build a public culture service infrastructure, and further promote Chinese culture on the world stage in order for China’s cultural soft power to be compatible with its world status and increase the international influence of Chinese culture.”

It is expected that more discussions on cultural strategy will occur after the session.

Source: China Review News, October 15, 2011