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Qiushi: The Party’s leadership Oversees All Court Work

On October 16, 2011, Qiushi, a Journal of the CCP Central Committee, published an article titled “The Formation of the Socialist Legal System with Chinese Characteristics and the Historic Mission of the People’s Court.” The article emphasized the importance of the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership over all court work and the importance of building up grass-roots Party organization branches throughout the court system.

“(We should not waver in our) socialist legal concept of the Party’s leadership. Use the socialist legal concept to take over the ideology of the law and guide all kinds of court work.” “(We should) deeply understand the superiority of the socialist judicial system with Chinese characteristics; consciously resist the influence of different wrong legal concepts; truly understand ‘who has power, for whom judicial work is done, and who to serve.’”

Source: Qiushi, October 16, 2011