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Military: CCP Scholar: Ten Benefits for the CCP to Take Back Taiwan

Jin Canrong is a Professor and Vice Dean of the School of International Relations of Renmin University of China. He is a vocal political speaker to promote and justify the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) strategies and policies.

His speech that the there will be ten benefits for the CCP to take back Taiwan was posted on YouTube on September 23, 2021. The following are the points he made:

First, China’s national strategic position will be improved. The first island chain surrounding China will collapse.

Second, China will be able to wipe out the hundred-year national shame. Chinese people have a healthy mentality.

Third, it will completely establish the connotation of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.

Fourth, the status of our military will be improved with a great step. This would be the Chinese military taking the initiative to go out for a war.

Fifth, it will resolve the TSMC problem. The CCP can nationalize (take over) TSMC; together with Micron and the mainland’s SMIC, China’s (chip) technology will make a dramatic jump.

Sixth, It will help the CCP’s political security. Jin thinks Taiwan is the main source of “color revolutions” in mainland China and one of the biggest threats to the CCP’s political life in China.

Seventh, it will make social stability better. Jin blames the Taiwanese for 90 percent of the telecom fraud in mainland China.

Eighth, it will provide a new wave of revitalization for the economy at China’s coast. China can put more resources into economic development, and the economy at China’s eastern coast will take off.

Ninth, it will eliminate China’s diplomatic weakness. The United States uses Taiwan as a weapon against China. Many countries ask China for financial aid in exchange or in trade for supporting the “One China” policy.

Tenth, it will establish China’s international prestige and change the world landscape overnight.

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Source: YouTube, “Jin Canrong: Top Ten Gains from Attacking Taiwan,” Oct 2, 2021