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Beijing Scholar On an Era of Confrontation between China and the U.S.

China Review News published an article quoting comments by Yu Wanli, an associate professor from the International Relations Institute of Beijing University, on the recent friction between China and the U.S. Yu said, “Starting this year, a trend toward intensified China-U.S. friction has become quite evident.

Yu suggested that, in the future, China-U.S. relations would enter a period of deep level adaptation for several reasons. First, as China’s rise becomes more apparent, the U.S. will need to prepare for the uncertainties resulting from China’s rise. Second, as the distance between China’s and U.S. strength narrows, a different level of communication and cooperation between the countries will be required. In the past, China implemented the diplomatic policy of “hiding one’s ability to buy time.” Chinese and U.S. cooperation has remained mostly at a superficial level, even when on the surface or just in formalities, especially on military issues. "As China becomes stronger, how China should cope with the U.S., or even the neighboring countries … will require us to have some deeper thought."

Source: China Review News. October 1, 2010