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Study Times: National Culture Security and Soft Power from an International Perspective

On October 31, Study Times published an article discussing China’s cultural soft power from an international perspective. The article said that to increase national cultural soft power in the international arena while protecting national culture security, [China] must work in the following three areas. [We should] 1) Actively participate in the international cultural competition and protect the security of our ideology in the process of “going out" (expanding overseas). [We] must uphold our ideology as the core of our national culture security. Given our limited cultural communication abroad, focus more on getting our ideology across [respected] than on our success or failure in the culture industry. 2) Enhance the acceptability of our national image and foster a favorable [improve the] overseas media environment for the protection of China’s cultural sovereignty. 3) Establish the recognition of a multiplicity of cultures and promote our national culture security strategy to a new height. Champion the idea of respecting the rights of each country to choose its own social system and development path.

Source: Study Times, October 31, 2011