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Rights Activist in California Received Threats to His Life; CCP Is Suspected of Being Active in the U.S.

Mr. Jie Lijian is a human rights activist in Southern California. On October 31, Mr. Jie participated in an anti-CCP demonstration on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, using action drama and a chorus. A middle-aged man kept shooting pictures of the demonstrators. Mr. Jie said, “I suspect he was stalking us.”

On November 3, he participated in an event in front of the Los Angles Chinese Consulate to oppose the Beijing Winter Olympics. A person inside a car was watching the participants.

On November 8, when Mr. Jie was riding a bike, a car crashed into him at a high speed and knocked him down. He had multiple bruises on his body and his mobile phone was broken.

On November 10, he received a telegram. The message was from a stranger who identified himself with the name of Sir Zhuang. His account has since been cancelled. The message in the telegram was a threat to Jie’s life. It asked him not to be too active and showed a picture of him walking near his home. Shortly thereafter, the same account sent him a picture of a knife, saying, “(We) should have broken your leg two days ago.”

Although he lives in the United States, Mr. Jie thinks the threat is coming from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Mr. Jie said that he will never yield to the CCP. He is preparing a set of documents and pictures and will submit them to the FBI.

Source: Epoch Times, November 13, 2021