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Chinese Official: U.S. Sets “Traps” and “Obstacles” for China

Zhenlong Wu, chairman of China Pacific Regional Cooperation Committee (CPRCC), published an article in Jiefang Daily, commenting on current China-U.S. relations. The article was republished in People’s Daily and on many other state media websites.

Wu said in his article that the regular status of China-U.S. relations is the coexistence of cooperation and conflict, while bonding to each other. Cooperation harbors conflict, and conflict contains compromise. In explaining the complicated China-U.S. relationship, he said that when a country is on the rise, it will inevitably be subjected to suppression by the originally more powerful country. The United States frequently sets up “traps” and “obstacles” for China to prevent China’s development. [Therefore] the conflicts and contradictions between China and the U.S. are structural. On the other hand, they are inseparable from both countries’ economic interdependence, which has increased during the current global financial crisis.

Source: People’s Daily, October 12, 2010